The main concept for the building is the idea of a "hidden reveal". A space that values and protects its resources is revealed completely upon a closer examination. The hidden and protective is the facade- tall monumental walls that lean in to conceal the interior. The revealing factors are the staircase, that guides the public from the ground level to the rooftop (through the interior of the library), and the mezzanine-like sectional qualities of the space that connect and unveil the organization of the building to its user.

Constant accessibility to the public is an important factor of the building which is why it contains two entrances, a major and a minor.
major -  main public entry for the operating hours of the library
minor -  always accessible, narrower entry that takes the user via a worm-like glass staircase to the top of the building (rooftop that serves as an outdoor theater and can be appropriated by the public for any functions at any time of the day)