JAD - Final

After many many board layouts, it was decided that this will be the one to fly to Korea:

Project description:

The current economic state makes one question the true necessities of his or her existence. In some extreme cases it gets down to having to chose between food and shelter. Taking a student as a case study, the project analyzes the most essential needs, financial state, as well as most common expenditures of this specific user. The need to maintain a constant

“student” status in an otherwise unstable environment is recognized as an important goal and the driving force in the project.The resolution proposed incorporates a mix of an old nomad style of living along with a waste-reducing, university resource-recycling system. The produced design essentially serves as a tight bundle or a “bottari” that encompasses three skins that interact with university facilities as well as a tightly packed inflatable shelter structure. In this way, the student becomes a suborganism of a much larger organism that is the university.